Brittne Babe’s 21 Day Challenge Makes Home Workouts Enjoyable

As much as I look forward to going home for winter break, I also dread how my workout routine often suffers during that time. I’ll admit, when I’m at school I definitely take the access I have to its gym for granted. After 15 weeks of growing accustomed to a full-service rec center that is a mere 20-minute walk from my house, it takes a lot of adjusting to go back to Cincinnati where I don’t have any sort of gym membership [even after three years, I haven’t convinced myself to pay for a membership for just one month]. So, I’m forced to resort to at-home workouts with very little equipment. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful to be able to move my body at least once every day, regardless of how intense. But I’ve often found myself bored halfway through workouts that are designed to be equipment-free and easily accessible. This winter, however, I stumbled upon Brittne Babe’s 21 Day workout plan. I was hesitant at first, but for only $15 [!!!] I figured I may as well give it a try. 

Brittne’s routine is different from other home workouts I’ve tried before. Instead of weightless full-body workouts, the 21 Day Challenge: Special Edition featured three strength days that isolate certain muscle groups [which increased to four during weeks two and three] and three HIIT days [which decreased to two]. Already, I was on board with this structure which mirrored that of my own personal strength training schedule at school. 

During week one, all strength days were bodyweight only [cue my continued hesitancy]. But, despite the lack of added weights, I still got a good sweat in and my muscles were definitely a bit sore the next day. Weeks two and three, however, introduced the use of dumbbells, much to my satisfaction. Since every workout only required the use of dumbbells, they were still easily doable at home and I realized that the bodyweight workouts during week one were a blessing in disguise. Not only was this week perfect for those who may be new to fitness, but it also helped me get accustomed to the repetitive structure of the program [Brittne focuses on using less weight and higher reps which definitely left my muscles fatigued!] before introducing additional resistance. The use of dumbbells also allowed me to customize the amount of resistance I was pushing my body to work with [I opted for eight pound weights but this can easily be changed based off skill level]. 

Both the strength and the HIIT days were never longer than 25 minutes, so I could easily fit the workout in before I started my day [not that I was really doing much over break ;-)]. Overall, I found the workout to be one of the most challenging home-accessible programs that I’ve ever completed. It is perfect for fitness fanatics of all skill levels [Brittne’s mom completes all of the workouts alongside her and offers modifications!], can easily fit into a busy schedule and won’t break the bank [as some gym memberships and other programs can]. Be sure to follow Brittne on Instagram to stay up to date with when the next 21 Day Challenge will begin!

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