Friday Favs: Planner Brands

Day Designer planner

Well, we’re a month into 2020 and I’m just a few weeks into the spring semester of my junior year, so that means one thing: a new planner. In full disclosure, I hadn’t completed my previous planner before buying a new one, but my Type A personality decided I just needed to have a year-long planner rather than an academic planner [my bank account disagreed, but that’s beside the point ;-)]. I’m a very visual organizer and it helps to see my to-do lists on paper, so when it comes to planners, I’m very particular [i.e. I refuse to use planners that are smaller than notebook-sized and anything that doesn’t include an hourly break down is out of the question]. Here are three planner brands that have sufficiently met my needs: 

Blue Sky

Remember that planner that fell victim to my impulsive shopping? Well, it was a Blue Sky planner and it was PERFECT for as long as I used it. Blue Sky checked off everything on my “planner must-have checklist” [notebook sized? Check. Monthly calendar? Check. Hourly break down? Check. To-Do section? Check.]. Plus, it was PINK [which, as all my #Girlbosses know, is a power color]. For my gal pals looking for an academic-style planner [aka 2020-21], Blue Sky is your best option. 

Day Designer

The infamous planner that replaced my Blue Sky was a Day Designer and it checks off all my must-haves and then some. Not only is this particular planner notebook-sized and pink [!!!], but it also features the desired monthly spread as well as the hourly breakdown … PLUS it has a section for daily notes, nightly plans AND it proudly displays daily inspirational quotes. I mean, it doesn’t get much cuter than that! If you’re looking for something with a slightly more detailed daily breakdown, Day Designer will be your best friend. 

Bullet Journal

Okay, so technically this isn’t a brand, but a friend of mine made me a bullet journal a while ago and I absolutely adored it [this was before my notebook-sized revelation]. Not only was the journal completely customized to my exact specifications, but everything about it was handmade [yes, each block on the monthly calendar was hand drawn and all of the decorative ribbon was hand pasted]. The only caveat to a bullet journal is simply finding the time to make one, so for my girls who love to get crafty and are unsatisfied with store-bought planners, try your hand at a bullet journal! 

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