Friday Favs: Ways to Practice Self-love

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! Regardless of whether or not you’re sharing this day with someone special, Valentine’s day is always the perfect opportunity to practice self-love. I’ll admit, falling in love with yourself and maintaining that state of mind can be difficult at times, but the beauty is in the process and it’s important to remind yourself how important you are to you. Here are my three favorite ways to practice self-love: 


Photo by Kelsey Boeing

Yoga is a practice that is effortlessly beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you can perfectly execute all of the moves or whether or not you can hold every single inversion, yoga makes you feel strong and graceful at the same time. Setting aside time in your day to dedicate to your practice will not only strengthen your technique, but also allows you to have time to connect with your mind and body. There is something about focusing only on the flow of your body and the rhythm of your breathing that has a way of centering you. Check out this beginner yoga flow and I promise, you’ll finish your practice feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way. 

Solo Coffee Dates

I have to admit, I wasn’t always comfortable with going places alone [and I’m still not!], but one place I’ve always felt comfortable is in coffee shops. I don’t know if it’s the cozy atmosphere, friendly baristas or simply the fact that I’m a sucker for good coffee, but I love treating myself to coffee dates. I’ve found that the times I take myself on dates are the times that I’m most productive and I always leave feeling motivated, inspired and confident in myself and my ability to tackle whatever endeavor I take on next. Check out these solo date ideas!

Trying New Workouts

It’s so so important to constantly thank our bodies for what it can do for us and appreciate the hard work that goes into our everyday lives. My favorite way to do this is to try new workouts and test the limits of what my muscles are used to! Trying new workouts is not only fun, but also a great way to release extra endorphins [and you might just find your new favorite training program!], so you’ll leave the gym or studio emanating positivity.

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As a senior studying magazine journalism at Ohio University and a passionate feminist, I created Freely Femme as a way to use my love for storytelling to highlight some of the most inspirational women in my personal life and beyond.

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