These 4 Workouts Will Get Your Heart Rate Up & Require No Equipment

As a full-time college student with a part-time job and a handful of extracurriculars, there isn’t always time in my day to make the 20-minute walk [each way] from my house to the gym. Honestly, sometimes there isn’t even enough time to get in a full-length workout! But, ever since last January, it’s been my goal to move my body in some way at least once everyday, regardless of intensity or the number of calories burned [I’ve found this is a much healthier mindset to have than setting a New Year’s Resolution of losing X amount of weight by X date]. So, when my days get busy and going all the way to the gym isn’t an option, these four bodyweight workouts are my go-to [and trust me, you’ll be sore the next day]:

LA Thoma — Cardio HIIT Circuit 
*Length: 10 minutes
*Impact level: 5/5
Only having a quick 10 minutes before a day full of classes, work or meetings doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your workout! LA Thoma’s 10-minute cardio HIIT circuit is the perfect way to work your lower body while also getting in a quick sweat sesh. This circuit blends traditional moves, like burpees and skater hops, with new ones, like rocket squats and bunny hops, to keep your muscles guessing!

Daniella Monet — Total body Circuit 
*Length: 25 minutes
*Impact level: 2/5
This total body circuit is a perfect low impact option, no matter where you are [lifestyle entrepreneur Daniella Monet does it from her hotel room!]. The stair climbing warmup will kickstart your heart rate before you transition to lower impact moves, like leg lifts and push-ups. Plus, this routine is easily modifiable based on skill level and location [if you don’t have a set of stairs, substitute chair step ups for the stair climb].

Blogilates — Lean & Sculpted Body 
*Length: 30 minutes
*Impact level: 3/5
Staying true to the Blogilates brand, this 30-minute routine is set to the tempo of today’s top pop songs, making each classic pilates move just a bit more challenging. Cassey Ho’s real-time workout attacks each muscle group, from your abs to your legs and booty and finishing off with some intense core work. Trust me, you will be feeling it the next day 😉

Jeanette Jenkins — Kickboxing Cardio 
*Length: 45 minutes
*Impact level: 5/5
Looking to test out your boxing skills, but not ready to commit to a gym? Hollywood trainer, Jeanette Jenkins has you covered in this 45-minute no-equipment cardio blast. In this sweaty sesh, you’ll learn the traditional techniques of kickboxing incorporated with intense cardio bursts, all from the comfort of your living room!

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