Friday Favs: Ways to Get Outside

It’s finally spring break for me and the rest of my OU gal pals and I could not be more excited for the return of warm weather! Personally, I thrive the most under the sun and will take any opportunity I can to get outside. Here are my three favorite ways to enjoy the nice weather:

Take Your Workout Outside
Even if you’ve grown accustomed to high intensity workouts that require the use of indoor gym equipment, there are plenty of workouts that will give you a good sweat but can also be done outside! My favorite way to take advantage of the warm weather through a workout is by using resistance bands. Try this quick, full body banded workout in your favorite outdoor spot the next time the weather allows:

Perform 3 sets of 20 with as few breaks as possible
UPPER BODY: Stand in the middle of a long resistance band and perform each standard movement. The wider your feet, the harder it will be!
*Reverse flys x fly pulses
*Bent over rows x row pulses
*Bicep curls x curl pulses
*Shoulder press x shoulder pulses
*Upright rows x upright pulses

LOWER BODY: Position a loop band above your knees and perform each standard movement. Use a resistance of your choice.
*Lateral walks each side
*Squats x squat pulses
*Bridges x bridge pulses
*Donkey kicks x donkey kick pulses [each side]
*Fire hydrants x fire hydrant pulses [each side]

Do Homework Outside
The end of the semester can get busy and it can be hard to find time to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. My favorite way to combat this is to take my work outside. Whether you prefer a blanket or a hammock, there’s no better way to kickstart your productivity than by playing some good music, packing some snacks, grabbing a few friends and spending your day outside!

Explore a New Park
No matter where you live, I guarantee there are at least a few public parks that are worth checking out! Whether you’re looking for a new running spot, hiking trail or just simply want to soak in the peace and simplicity of nature, exploring new parks is the best way to do so. [One of my favorite newly discovered spots in Athens has been Old Man’s Cave in Hocking Hills!]

Share your favorite ways to get outside with me on Instagram!

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