Reclaim & Rethread Promotes Individuality Through Sustainable Clothing

As the conversation around climate change and the push for sustainability grows, the fashion industry has made an effort to do its part to contribute by promoting sustainable fashion. But, the effort isn’t limited to high-end designers and companies; many smaller designers and businesses are also working to promote the consumption of recycled and repurposed clothing. Jessica Cottongim, owner of Reclaim & Rethread, is one of those designers. 

Photo from @reclaimandrethread on Instagram

Cottongim launched her brand in August of 2015 and specializes in upcycled flannel button-ups. The self-taught designer sews together old flannels and t-shirts to create a completely reinspired piece of clothing. 

Photo from @reclaimandrethread on Instagram

“A lot of clothes end up in landfills,” she says. “Being able to give something a new life and get more wear out of it is so beneficial.” 

With a degree in animal sciences from Purdue University, Cottongim spent the beginning of post-grad life unsure of what exactly she wanted to do and began experimenting with designing. Inspired by her sister who had just opened her own brick and mortar boutique, Cottongim sold a few of her pieces there and realized she wanted to pursue designing as a full-time job. 

Photo from @reclaimandrethread on Instagram

Reclaim & Rethread offers a large inventory of pre-made flannels [the Grateful Dead design is a bestseller] that Cottongim hopes inspire people to see vintage items in a new way. The brand has also hosted pop-up booths at festivals and markets around the Indiana and Kentucky areas where customers can choose from a wide range of designs, or request a custom commission. One thing Cottongim has noticed is that her flannels attract interest from customers of all ages, and she hopes to continue to make an impact in people’s lives for years to come. 

“I just want people to not be afraid to wear something out of the ordinary,” she says. “I want them to know that you don’t have to dress a certain way, and it’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and express your personality.”

Make sure to follow Reclaim & Rethread on Instagram to stay up to date with Cottongim’s latest pop-ups, newest pieces and the mobile boutique that is currently in the works! Plus, make sure to check my Instagram for Jessica’s giveaway!

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