Friday Favs: Spring Accessories

Photo by Jacinta Harshe

Happy first day of spring, lovelies! If any of you are like me, you thrive 10 times better in the spring than you do in the winter. For me, there’s just something about the re-emergence of the sun and the bright colors scattered everywhere, whether it’s in the form of clothing or fresh flowers, that puts me at ease. The weather is warm enough to pack away my bulky winter coats and sweaters, but still cool enough so that I’m not sweating every time I walk outside. Plus, spring fashion is much more appealing to me than winter fashion. So, here are my three favorite ways to embrace spring fashion: 

Floral Prints
One of the most obvious differences between winter and spring fashion is the replacement of warm colors and patterns with light pastels and florals. Over time, I’ve accumulated an abundance of floral prints, and I was honestly a bit sad to pack them away over the winter. I’m a firm believer in the idea that what you wear can set the tone for the day, and I have yet to have a bad day while wearing florals … Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I definitely feel a bit more creative and inspired when the tone of my clothes matches that of the blooming buds outside!

Open-toed Shoes
Okay, so I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this one. While I’m not crazy about the fact that now I’ll have to make sure my toenails are freshly painted regularly, I can’t deny how exciting it is to be able to wear my favorite sandals and wedges again! An outfit isn’t complete until you’ve found the perfect shoes to match, and my favorite way to accessorize an otherwise neutral outfit is to pair it with bright wedges or platforms to add a bit of that fun spring color palette. 

Bright Nail Polish
As most of my #Girlbosses probably know, having a fresh manicure can make all the difference in the confidence you bring into your professional life. We all know that the way you present yourself is crucial to first impressions in the workplace, and having nice nails makes you feel just a little bit more powerful. By the time spring rolls around, I’m tired of the maroons and golds that have coated my nails throughout the fall and winter, so I’m eager to slap on a fresh coat of pastel blue or pale pink to change things up a bit! [Pro-tip: I would highly recommend this KISS nail set if you can’t afford to have yours professionally done!]

These are just a few of my favorite ways to embrace spring fashion, but read this article from Marie Claire to see what the runways are predicting for spring 2020!

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