Friday Favs: Fitness Influencers

If you looked at my Instagram explore page, the only thing you’d find is an abundance of workout videos from a variety of fitness influencers, some of whom are known internationally, and others who are just starting out. Yes, it’s true, my guilty pleasure isn’t ASMR or TikTok [two trends that have taken over social media in recent months], but rather it’s spending hours watching different workout routines and fantasizing about replicating [or attempting to replicate] them the next time I’m in the gym. Now, I’ll admit, narrowing down this list to just three fitness influencers was nearly impossible, so I opted for the trainers that aren’t regularly mentioned on my blog [i.e. Sarah’s Day and Cassey Ho ;-)]. Here are three of my favorite fitness influencers:

Kelsey Wells
Kelsey Wells, an Australia-based trainer, receives most of the credit for inspiring me to start lifting for the first time. Wells’ 12-week training program, PWR, is available on the Sweat app [made popular by Kayla Itsines] and is geared toward fitness fanatics of all skill levels. The program is designed to get you comfortable with using weights and offers a variety of options: PWR [classic gym routines], PWR at Home [structured the same as PWR, but without the exclusive gym equipment] and PWR Post-Pregnancy [short, low-impact workouts]. For those not yet ready to commit fully to the Sweat app, Wells posts the pyramid sections of her PWR workouts [three to four moves intended to increase weight each round and decrease reps] on Instagram for followers to try. 

Ginger Ressler
Ginger Ressler, known for her role as chief performance officer for Fabletics, is also a former Division I track athlete, fitness model and mom of four [not to mention, a workout inspiration to over 90 thousand followers on Instagram]. Ressler frequently shares her daily workouts on her Instagram story and uses a variety of equipment in each routine. Each workout typically has at least one creative move, which Ressler often shares with Fabletics’ Instagram followers as well. As a busy mom, Ressler understands how hard it can be to balance a million things at once, so she has shared a variety of workouts for all fitness levels, including this basic beginner workout.

Des Pfeifer
Des Pfeifer, a certified personal trainer, has taken the Instagram world of fitness by storm with her workout routines which are demonstrated and explained in great detail through short videos. Pfeifer’s routines are centered mostly around gym equipment like cable machines, barbells and free weights. In her videos [which each focus on a different muscle group], Pfeifer not only demonstrates each move, but also offers helpful tips and cues in the voiceover. In addition to her own training app, Pfeifer also creates workouts centered around specific equipment that is available in certain gyms, like L.A. Fitness, Planet Fitness and standard hotel gyms.

Share your favorite fitness influencers with me on Instagram!

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