Body Attack is the Ideal Cardio Workout if You Hate Running

Les Mills, a national fitness organization dedicated to inspiring people to fall in love with fitness, has the perfect cardio workout for fitness junkies who just don’t vibe with standard steady state cardio [aka, yours truly]. Body Attack is a 30- to 55-minute workout that focuses primarily on cardio moves while incorporating a bit of bodyweight strength training. Recently, I had the opportunity to try this workout with OU CHAARG & I loved every minute of it!

Each section of the workout is synced to a song specifically remixed and edited to match the tempo that Body Attack instructors aim for! Our workout started with a quick warmup which, let’s be honest already had me exhausted. The warm up included standard moves, like jumping jacks and running in place, combined with squat pulses to really fatigue our muscles. 

After the warmup and a couple of lighter tracks to ease the group into the intensity of the rest of the workout, we reached track four, otherwise known as the peak of the class. Yes, this included squat jumps. Yes, these squat jumps transitioned immediately into burpees. Yes, I was DYING! But, the nice thing about Body Attack is how short the intervals are. So, while the burpees may have been difficult, that interval was over before I even had a chance to think about how much I hated it 😉 

What I love about Body Attack is that it’s suitable for all fitness levels. Throughout the entire workout, our instructors offered beginner modifications for every single move. But, they also offered advanced modifications for girls who wanted a bit of an extra challenge! The fact that the program offers so many different options for just one set of moves proves that Body Attack instructors really do practice what they preach and create an environment that is welcoming to everyone, regardless of where they’re at in their fitness journey!

Click here to find a Body Attack class near you, or try Body Attack at home.

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