Friday Favs: Cardio Workouts

Let’s face it, unless you’re an avid runner [in which case, I commend you], cardio is one of the most dreaded workouts for most of us. When the weather is nice, an outdoor run can make it a bit more tolerable, but you can 100% count me out for a three-mile run on a treadmill [I get BORED!]. Fortunately, with the help of Pinterest, I’ve been able to find a few sweat seshes that make the cardio machines enjoyable! The best part? These are all only 30 minutes or less, so they can easily be squeezed in before work or between classes! 

*Modifications can be made to the level of each workout to suit your fitness level! Remember to challenge yourself, but not to push yourself too hard.


Stairmaster HIIT
Stairs are my FAVORITE way to get in a cardio session while also sculpting my legs and booty. This high intensity workout from Listening is Loving will work  all angles of your lower body as you isolate each glute before skipping a step to target your quads and hamstrings. Then, you’ll get your heart rate up for 30 seconds while you climb at maximum speed before bringing it back to a moderate level for a ~brief~ cool down. 

Cycling HIIT
You don’t need access to an expensive spinning class in order to get your cycling sesh in! This 27-minute interval workout from Self can be done on any stationary bike in the gym. There are only three [!!!] circuits of 30- to 45-second intervals. You’ll perform each circuit three to four times, and trust me, your legs will be jelly by the end of it. Pro tip: on the “hard” and “all-out” intervals, stand up from the seat and set your hips back to add a bit of extra burn to your glutes!

Treadmill HIIT
Okay, I know I said I don’t ~love~ the treadmill, but this HIIT workout from The Wanderlust Home has changed my perspective. Each interval ranges from 30 to 90 seconds, so there is no time for you to get bored! Plus, the highest speed you’ll be running at only appears for intervals of 30 seconds, so it’s over before you even notice that it’s started. The slight incline that is added to each interval adds an extra burn to your muscles that is so subtle you won’t even notice it until the next day  😉 

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