Cyxus Blue Light Glasses Product Review

Growing up, I always wanted to have a reason to wear glasses. I just thought they were so cute and was honestly jealous of everyone who wore them. BUT, I refused to be the person who wore fake glasses just for the look. So, when a friend introduced me to blue light blocking glasses, which were meant to protect your eyes from the light of your computer screen, I was intrigued. An opportunity to wear glasses and have an actual reason for doing so? Sign me up!

Many of my friends who worked office jobs or were in majors that involved staring at their laptops for extended periods of time wore blue light blocking glasses to prevent headaches and improve sleep at night [exposure to blue light right before bed can confuse your sleep cycle]. So, I began to do my own research on the effects that blue light can have and found that doctors are still studying blue light and its effects, so a lot of information is unknown. However, Fatoumata Yanoga, MD at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center reported that blue light is the closest form of light to ultraviolet, which has been known to be dangerous and even cause sunburn if exposed to it for too long. Ultraviolet light, the article reports, can also burn your eyes and cause eye diseases. 

The fear is that, since blue light is so close to ultraviolet light, long-term exposure to devices like computers, TVs and cell phones could inevitably cause eye damage. While Yanoga does not deem exposure to blue light as a “health crisis,” she does write that it’s not a bad idea to take preventative measures when using blue light devices. In addition to wearing blue light blocking glasses, Yanoga also suggests putting protective blue light filters on computers and using glare-reducing and anti-reflective coatings. 

After reading this article, paired with testimonies from my peers, I decided there was no harm in giving blue light blocking glasses a try. So, I purchased a pair from Cyxus, a brand known for computer glasses, gaming glasses and reading glasses. You can purchase directly from their site, or from Amazon [which is what I opted for]. Regardless of where you purchase from, every pair of glasses comes with a blue light blocking capacity test, complete with a blue light flashlight and a testing card. I tested my glasses out with the card, and right away it was clear that there was some sort of protective barrier in the lenses. Now, it was time to put them to the test in my everyday life. 

I’ve been using these glasses for about eight months, and have definitely seen an improvement! My days generally consist of either working from my laptop at my job, taking lecture notes on my laptop in class or writing on my laptop for my blog, so I definitely spend enough time looking at a screen. The biggest difference I’ve noticed is that my eyes don’t get as fatigued when I’m spending countless hours working on my computer. I used to have to take breaks every couple of hours just to give my eyes a rest, and the number of times I’ve found myself having to look away from my screen has decreased significantly. 

While there is no solid evidence that blue light can directly cause eye diseases, there is no harm in taking preventative measures just in case! I have been pleasantly surprised with the effects my blue light blocking glasses have had on my productivity when working on a laptop [and to think it all started with the vain notion of wanting to look cute!] and would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone.

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