Friday Favs: Business Casual Staples

If there’s one thing interning for two summers has taught me [you know, other than the valuable skills needed to become a successful journalist], it’s that having a fully stocked wardrobe of business casual clothes is a necessity. But, if you’re like me and hate the thought of wearing the same outfit twice in one week [or two, for that matter], stocking up on clothes can get a bit pricey. I’ve found that investing in a few high-quality staples is the best way to combat this problem, so here are my three favorite business casual attire staples: 

Let’s face it, offices can get chilly. Even on the days where I was dripping in sweat while walking from my car to Cincinnati Magazine’s office, I found myself shivering at my desk once inside. So, cardigans are a MUST. If you have an assigned desk at your job, the best thing to do is to leave a cardigan on your chair at the end of the day so that you don’t run the risk of forgetting it. What I love about cardigans is that you don’t need many [maybe one or two nice ones] to add dynamic to multiple outfits. Plus, if your cardigan is a neutral color, it’s guaranteed to match whatever you’re wearing. So, not only will you be keeping yourself cozy under the frigid air conditioning, but your outfit of the day will also have a bit of depth with that extra layer. 

Colored Pants
It’s no secret that jeans and pants, especially good quality ones, can be expensive. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $100 to spend on one to two pairs of jeans for every day of the week, so instead, I buy colored pants and tops to match. Buying a variety of reasonably-priced tops will give you more bang for your buck than a $75 pair of pants, and different style tops can create an endless amount of looks for just one pair of pants. [Ex: A patterned button up will give you a more professional vibe while a simple white t-shirt will have you ready for casual Fridays, and both can be worn with the same pair of pink jeans]. 

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