4 Simple Ways to Become More Sustainable

Happy Earth Day!! Today we celebrate Mother Nature & all of her beauty, so it only seemed appropriate that I share a few ~simple~ tips to become more sustainable in your everyday life:

Invest in a reusable straw cup, water bottle, etc.
It’s time to be honest with ourselves; those plastic water bottles that have been piling up in your car and the plastic cups for the iced coffees you’re buying every week are adding up and causing unnecessary damage to the environment! Sure, it may be more convenient to buy a pack of bottled water than to invest in a $20 reusable water bottle, but that one-time purchase will reap lasting benefits. Not only will you be reducing your plastic use, but you’ll actually SAVE money by not buying a 12-pack of water every week at the grocery!

Some coffee shops and cafes have recently switched to strawless lids, which may seem like a win for the push against single-use plastic. However, there has been some speculation that these lids are actually made of more plastic than a typical lid/straw combo. So, why not avoid the argument altogether and simply purchase a reusable straw cup? 

Switch to reusable snack bags
Plastic ziploc baggies are another source of unnecessary plastic that is being put into the environment. Most people use at least one plastic bag every day for things like lunch and snacks. By making the switch to a silicone reusable bag, think of all of the plastic you’d be cutting down on! 

Stasher bags are probably the most well-known brand of reusable snack bags, and I definitely believe they are worth the investment. However, some of us are still on a budget [aka me] and need something a bit more affordable. Amazon has a variety of brands that range in price to meet each individual’s needs! 

Donate old & gently-used clothes
As the push against Fast Fashion grows, more people are looking toward thrift stores and other products made from locally-grown materials to aid in the fight against short-term clothing. Donating to and shopping at thrift stores extends the lifespan of an article of clothing, so that it doesn’t end up in a landfill as soon as it goes “out of season.” [Pro-tip: some places, like Plato’s Closet, will even pay you for your gently-used clothing!]

Ditch the Keurig [or switch to reusable K-Cups]
While the convenience of a Keurig was once very attractive, it may be less so once you realize just how many K-Cups are being thrown into landfills. Technically, the pods can be recycled IF the components are separated, and I highly doubt most people are taking the time to separate each of the materials. Fortunately, all of my fellow coffee addicts have options to combat this! First, you can ditch the Keurig completely and switch to a coffee pot or French press [which some will argue brews better tasting coffee anyway]. But, if you are adamantly connected to your Keurig, you can switch to reusable pods, which work the same as a classic K-Cup, but are dishwasher safe! 

Share your favorite ways to be more sustainable with me on Instagram!

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