Friday Favs: Smoothie Recipes

As I’m sure many of my #Girlbosses can relate, busy days mean not always having time to cook up a full breakfast spread in the mornings. So, we turn to quick, easily transportable options instead. My favorite? Blending up a few of my favorite fruits with some protein powder for a tasty, on-the-go, protein-packed breakfast! Here are my three favorite smoothie recipes:

Chocolate Covered Strawberry

Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries? With my sweet tooth, I could eat anything chocolate at any time of day … but that’s not exactly the healthiest option [unfortunately]. Fortunately, this smoothie is healthy, with a generous helping of fresh strawberries and just the right amount of chocolate undertones to satisfy my craving! Here’s what you’ll need: 
+2 cups milk of choice
+1.5 cups fresh strawberries [chopped]
+1 scoop chocolate protein powder of choice

Peanut Butter Power
There’s no better combination than peanut butter and banana … except maybe peanut butter and chocolate [I told you, I have an unhealthy relationship with chocolate ;-)]. When two foods pair so perfectly together, you don’t mess with it, and what better way to enjoy this combo than blended and chilled? Here’s what you’ll need:
+2 cups milk of choice
+2 bananas [sliced]
+0.5 cup peanut butter
+1 scoop vanilla protein powder of choice
+Honey to taste [optional]

Berry Tasty Smoothie
Its name doesn’t lie, this smoothie is BERRY tasty ;-). My favorite time to make this is on a sunny summer day. The blend of sweet and tart berries mixed with vanilla yogurt creates a refreshing flavor that is perfect for sipping poolside! Here’s what you’ll need:
+2 cups milk of choice
+2 cups mixed berries [frozen]
+3 tablespoons vanilla greek yogurt

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