Attack Every Muscle Group With This Nine-Week Strength Training Plan

When I used a squat rack for the first time, I was completely intimidated. I was brought into the weight room at my school’s gym with my CHAARG small group and another CHAARGie was teaching us the basics of weight lifting. Prior to this, the only experience I had with weights was with light dumbbells, so I didn’t know the first thing about what it meant to lift anything heavier than 10 pounds [spoiler: there is a LOT that goes into the form of weight lifting]. 

Fortunately, I’ve had a lot of gym mentors since joining CHAARG & I’ve now falled in love with strength training! Whether I’m squatting upward of 100 pounds or simply using heavier kettlebells and dumbbells, weight training always pushes my body to new limits and I leave the gym feeling ~powerful~. Coming up with workouts can be challenging, though, and if you repeat the same workout day after day, week after week, you may begin to get bored with your routine. At the beginning of the semester, I created this nine-week strength training plan to avoid falling into monotonous gym sessions. After completing all nine weeks, I really began to see changes in my muscle tone and the amount of weight I was able to lift. By focusing on each routine for only three weeks, by the time I began to get bored it was time to move on to the next session! 

This routine includes three days of strength training: lower body Mondays, upper body Wednesdays and booty Fridays. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I incorporated some kind of HIIT cardio [here are my favorites], on Saturdays I focused on total body or active recovery and Sundays were my rest days. For each of these workouts, you will need access to basic gym equipment and barbells. Remember to start with a weight that is comfortable to you! If you’ve never lifted before, start with lighter dumbbells and no added weight on the barbells. 

Disclaimer: I am not a certified personal trainer, but I have taken a variety of group fitness classes & followed a handful of professional workout plans. This workout is simply a compilation of my favorite moves. For a professional routine and opinion, consult a certified personal trainer!


Weeks 1-3:

Weeks 4-6

Weeks 7-9

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