Kitsch Towel Scrunchie Product Review

Okay ladies, raise your hand if you’ve ever had to rush out of the house without having time to blow dry your hair … or if you’ve been on vacation and found yourself headed straight from the beach/pool to dinner … or if you’ve ever had such a sweaty workout session that your hair is actually damp. I’m going to guess that most people’s hands are [mentally] up right now because this is such a common problem!! 

Personally, I can’t be bothered to wash my hair most days because it takes so long. But, I also don’t like the thought of going to class or out to lunch with dripping wet hair because it will inevitably frizz once it starts to dry [#CurlyHairProbs right?]. Sure, I can always throw it into a bun with a hair tie, but then that presents the problem of massive knots and kinks once I take it down. So, I’ve learned how to strategically plan my hair washing schedule so that I either have enough time for my hair to air dry and then style it, or I forgo washing it altogether and up in a high pony it goes. 

Okay, I’m making this sound much more dramatic than it needs to be. But, wet hair with no time to dry it is inconvenient, and if there’s a product that can remedy that, isn’t it my duty to share it with my readers?! Recently, an add for Kitsch hair products popped up on my Facebook feed, as all targeted ads do, and my initial reaction was to keep scrolling. I mean, I don’t really need any more hair products, I thought. But then, two words caught my eye: towel scrunchie. 

Alright, now I was intrigued. I had never seen a towel scrunchie before. Sure, I’ve seen towel head wraps for when you get out of the shower and a variety of other similar products, but I’ve never noticed any scrunchies on those shelves. As with all social media ads, I was a bit skeptical at first. Does it really work? Is my product actually going to be delivered? Will it be worth it? All of these thoughts flooded my head so naturally, I forgot about the product for a few weeks and moved on. 

Then, payday hit AND Kitsch was having a buy one, get one free sale. So, I took the plunge and ordered a pack of towel scrunchies. Much to my delight, they actually WERE delivered [relatively quickly!], and I was eager to test it out. Up until this point, my go-to wet hair on-the-go move was a messy bun, despite knowing I would have to deal with the consequences later. But let’s face it, throwing your hair up is the easiest remedy to any messy hair situation. 

So, I took the towel scrunchie, gathered my soaking hair into a pile on top of my head and waited. I kept the scrunchie in nearly all day, and when I removed it that night I’m not exaggerating when I said I was in awe. Not only was my previously soaking hair now only slightly damp, but there was not one tangle in sight! Sure, my hair was still wavy, as to be expected from a bun, but it was MUCH more manageable than if I had used a typical hair tie. 

Kitsch’s towel scrunchie is incredibly absorbent, gentle on your scalp and hairline and honestly, looks just as cute as any other scrunchie on the market! I’ve only used this product a handful of times, but I can genuinely say that gone are the days of the wet hair dilemma. Whether you’re keeping it in your gym bag, pool bag or on-hand for a last minute shower and don’t have time to blow dry, the Kitsch towel scrunchie is going to be your new best friend 😉

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