Friday Favs: Spots in Downtown Cincinnati

I’ve never appreciated my hometown of Cincinnati more than when I left to go to school in Athens. When I returned for two summers as an intern for Cincinnati Magazine, I was introduced to the city with a new perspective & began to experience places and people that I had never noticed before! Here are my three favorite spots in the downtown Cincinnati area: 

The Contemporary Arts Center
The Contemporary Arts Center is a FREE art museum that showcases performance art, photography and architecture in addition to the traditional painting and sculpture mediums. The first few floors display a variety of exhibits which are constantly changing and being updated, but the top floor has become an icon of the museum and is a must-see before leaving. Though this floor, which displays a variety of interactive art pieces, is designed for kids, I think most of the young adults I know have just as much — if not more — fun than the little ones.

Smale Riverfront Park
The banks of downtown Cincinnati have quickly begun flourishing with bars and restaurants, making it a frequently visited spot for locals. The best part? Smale Riverfront Park is the perfect place to spend a day outdoors! Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day strolling along the walking path or lounging in one of the many swings that overlooks the river, or you’re looking for a bit of adventure by taking advantage of the newly installed Skystar Ferris Wheel, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 

When Over-The-Rhine [located in downtown Cincinnati] first began its renaissance a few years ago, it was often compared to Brooklyn’s own revitalization. Since then, OTR has flourished and its streets are now lined with locally owned boutiques, coffee shops and other makers. When I’m looking to get away from the suburbs of Cincinnati, OTR is my favorite place to spend the day, and my go-to spot is the 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab


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