friday favs: netflix original films

If you had to bet on what I’m currently binging on Netflix and you guessed “Gossip Girl,” 90% of the time you’d be right. However, I do occasionally interrupt my GG streaming to check out the latest Netflix original films and series. Here are three of my favorite Netflix original films for your next weekend movie night: 

Someone Great
Warning: Don’t watch this if you’ve recently gotten out of a relationship … or, maybe do. “Someone Great,” directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, follows Jenny Young [Gina Rodriguez] as she copes with a recent break up. Unlike most break ups, Jenny’s ended mutually, due to uncontrollable outside forces and “Someone Great” takes the viewer along on her journey to finding a place of peace with how things worked out.

For a long time, the pageantry industry has received criticisms for its exclusivity. Anne Fletcher’s “Dumplin’” combats this stereotype by following Willowdean [Danielle MacDonald], a plus-sized teenager, as she enters a pageant in her small Texas town. What started as a rebellion against her former beauty queen mother encouraged Willowdean’s peers to follow suit in a revolution against the body size standards placed on young girls. 

Set It Up
You know I couldn’t write about Netflix films without including at least one cheesy rom-com 😉 Clair Scanlon’s “Set It Up” takes the friendship-turned-relationship trope in a playful direction. Harper [Zoey Deutch] and Charlie [Glen Powell] set out to set their high maintenance bosses up with each other in an attempt to buy themselves some off time from their jobs. Though the ending may be predictable, the journey to getting there is too comedic to pass up.

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