The Original Makeup Eraser Product Review

Let’s be honest, the WORST part about wearing makeup is the process of taking it off. My guess is, when all of you were first taught how to wear makeup, you were also taught to take it off with store-bought makeup wipes. I know, because I was taught the same and for years I thought nothing of it. There was nothing to think about, really. You go to the store, you choose from the endless shelves of wipes and that’s that. 

It wasn’t until my sophomore year of high school when I first started getting into skincare and learning about the importance of knowing what you’re putting on your skin. [Yes, I know. Sophomore year in college is late to get into skincare. But, I’m lazy by nature and I used to just trust whatever products claimed to be good for your skin.]

After my friend Cydney hosted a natural skincare products event, I began to really start thinking about what was in those makeup wipes that I was using almost daily. Truth be told, I didn’t recognize the majority of its ingredients. Spoiler: that’s not a good sign. Sure, there are wipes out there that are better for your skin than the ones I was using, but then you’re presented with another problem: how many wipes are being thrown into the landfill every month from just yourself? 

Amidst my attempt to live a more holistically healthy lifestyle [which went beyond just physical fitness and diet], I began to research alternatives for makeup wipes. Eventually, I came across The Original Makeup Eraser. As a one-time purchase of $20 [as opposed to the $8.99 I was spending bi-monthly on wipes], I decided it wouldn’t hurt to give the product a try. I’ve been using that same Makeup Eraser for six months and have not even thought about going back to wipes!

The Makeup Eraser is a reusable towel designed specifically to remove makeup and other skincare facial products and claims to last up to five years. Now, I personally haven’t owned mine for that long, but over the six months I’ve had mine, it still looks brand new. As a bonus, the towel is vegan and cruelty free and is machine washable, so you’re not throwing out a disposable wipe every day!

So, how does it work? 

I’m glad you asked, because makeup removal with the Makeup Eraser could not be easier. Simply wet the towel under warm water and move in circular motions across your face until all makeup [yes, liquid liner included] disappears. Bonus: use only a section at a time to get multiple washes a week before throwing it in the laundry.

The antibacterial microfiber material of the Makeup Eraser means that not only are you doing your part to save the environment, you’re also not putting any harsh chemicals onto your face. As a result, the Makeup Eraser also works as an exfoliator and is great for sensitive skin! 

… And yes, before you ask, the Makeup Eraser works just as well [maybe even better!] at removing makeup as a store-bought wipe.

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3 thoughts on “The Original Makeup Eraser Product Review

  1. Okay, I’ve been SO up in the air about buying this (as I wear a full face every day) but you’ve convinced me to buy one! I wanted to be more sustainable since I use a wipe every day….


    1. Yes!! I’ve found it’s SO much more gentle on my skin and I feel better about not throwing out a single use wipe everyday’!


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