Places in Athens, Ohio

Moving away for college is an intimidating stage in anyone’s life. It’s the first time you’re truly on your own and don’t have the comfort of parents, siblings and longtime friends easily accessible. Fortunately, many of these new cities become second homes for young adults as they strive to learn more about themselves and build their futures. The same was true for me when I moved to Athens, Ohio, three years ago. Since then, Athens has become my hOUme 😉 away from home and I couldn’t be more grateful for the time I’ve spent there. Here are my three favorite spots in the Athens area: 

Strouds Run State Park
Why choose between a beach house and a small town when you can have both?! Strouds Run is the perfect beach getaway and is only a 20-minute drive from Uptown Athens! Spend the day lounging on the hot sand, or choose from a variety of water sport rentals like paddle boards, kayaks, pontoon boats and more.

Donkey Coffee
If you’ve ever had a conversation with me about Athens, I’ve probably mentioned Donkey at least once. It’s no secret that I ~thrive~ in the atmosphere of small coffee shops, and Donkey is my FAVORITE place to be productive on a Sunday morning. The drinks are addicting, the pastries are always fresh and the patio is unmatched!

Hocking Hills
Athens is a town of many attractions, and Hocking Hills offers the perfect hiking escapade. Just a short drive from Uptown, Hocking Hills a variety of hiking trails and other outdoor activities like canoeing and camping. This Appalachian gem is the perfect weekend getaway!

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As a senior studying magazine journalism at Ohio University and a passionate feminist, I created Freely Femme as a way to use my love for storytelling to highlight some of the most inspirational women in my personal life and beyond.

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