Friday Favs: Glossier Products Pt. 2

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I recently tried out a few Glossier products for the first time. At first, I was skeptical over the hype and wondered if maybe this was a generic brand that just had really good branding and marketing. But, I was wrong! After using a few skincare and makeup products, I really began to see a difference in the clarity and vibrance of my skin. So, I decided to dive even deeper and try out a few more products. Here are three more of my favorite Glossier products: 

Exfoliating Solution
Any skincare guru will tell you how important exfoliating is. From my understanding, exfoliating can be achieved one of two ways: scrubbing away dead skin with a microfiber material or lifting and rinsing away dead skin with exfoliating acids. Glossier’s exfoliating solution does the latter. This dermatologist-tested solution uses a 10% blend of skincare acid groups, including Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beta Hydroxy Acid and Polyhydroxy Acid. After using this solution once a day for a few weeks, I began to notice improvements in the brightness of my skin and a reduction of my pores, blemishes and redness!

Body Hero Duo
I’ve struggled with breakouts on my shoulders and back for as long as I can remember and nothing has reliably cleared up that area of my skin like Glossier’s Body Hero Duo! I use the Body Hero oil wash in the shower. The seven-oil blend gently froths and cleanses my skin without leaving it feeling tight and dry. Immediately after showering, I lather the Body Hero perfecting cream all over my body to lock in long-lasting hydration!

Priming Moisturizer 
Finding a reliable moisturizer can be hard. Some lotions are too oily and leave your skin feeling greasy, others don’t hydrate enough. Glossier’s priming moisturizer offers a lightweight moisturizing option that easily allows you to apply as many or as little layers as needed! Plus, it’s the perfect primer before applying your foundation and other makeup!

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