MyFitness Suites Promotes Individuality Among Trainers

A common struggle within the boutique-style fitness community is its lack of variety. Boutique fitness’s strength lies in the specialization of one specific style of training [think, PureBarre, CorePower Yoga, etc.]. Sure, they may offer a variety of barre-style or yoga-inspired classes, but the studio itself specializes in that specific style of training.

For highly self-motivated people who know what they like and have no desire to change it up, this is no problem. But, for those who crave variety and want a different style of exercise every night of the week, investing in a studio membership is not ideal. Fortunately for Cincinnati westsiders, MyFitness Suites offers a remedy.

Founded by Michelle and Tyler Menke, MyFitness Suites plans to open on Harrison Ave. in the near future. According to Michelle, the studio will take a “salon style concept” and adapt it to fitness. So, each instructor can create his or her own brand within the studio itself.

The Menkes intend to teach their own classes as well as hire certified group fitness instructors as well, in an effort to offer a wide range of class types. Classes will range from Pilates and yoga to boot camp and HIIT, and will also include everything in between.

In the weeks leading up to its grand opening, MyFitness Suites will host free workouts at Veteran’s Park every Tuesday at 7 p.m. I recently tried out the boot camp class, led by Aunnie Bujnoch Wertenberger, and was not disappointed!

Photo by Michelle Menke

The workout drew a large group of people [all spaced a minimum of six feet apart, of course!], which is not uncommon for a MyFitness Suites class. Michelle estimates that all of the outdoor classes in the past have drawn a crowd of 25 to 50 people.

Aunnie began the workout with a light warmup before leading the group through three sets of moves titled “The Dirty Dozen.” Each set included 12 moves which were performed for 12 reps. Objectively speaking, this workout seems like it’s not much to be intimidated by. [Most people are used to performing 12 reps of an exercise.] But, don’t underestimate the challenge of a total body strength training workout under the 90 degree heat!

What I enjoyed about Aunnie’s class was how well she knew her clients, whether she had met them before or not. As a certified personal trainer, there’s no doubt that Aunnie knows how to challenge her clients physically and push them to their limits. But, when leading a workout outside rather than indoors, a trainer has to adapt to outside factors like the heat. 

The true indicator of a good trainer is how well they’re able to adapt to these factors, and Aunnie did an incredible job. She was sure not to include too many cardio-focused moves due to the heat, and only a few of the moves were done in the grass. This personalization and consideration is exactly what MyFitness Suites strives for as a studio that promotes individuality among its trainers!

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