JoyLab Product Review

As a passionate health and fitness enthusiast, I am ALWAYS looking for the best activewear on a budget. Sure, there are plenty of affordable brands out there, but most of the brands I’ve tried haven’t been the best quality. 

Recently, my mom gifted me a leggings and sports bra set from JoyLab, a Target-exclusive brand. Immediately after opening the gift, I was already impressed. Not only was the color and design of the set gorgeous, but the feel of the material was thick and soft to the touch. 

I know better than to trust first appearances, though, so I decided to put the set to the test at an intense crossfit-style bootcamp. The results were far from disappointing!

The high-waisted ⅞ leggings are the perfect length for my 5’2” body, and the waistband secured snugly just at my waistline. I was definitely impressed with the fit of the pants, but would they stay in place throughout an intense bootcamp?

Answer: yes!

This particular bootcamp included running, medicine ball squat tosses and sled pushes and I didn’t have to tug the waistband up or adjust the leggings throughout the whole session! Since receiving these, they have been perfect for both high-intensity cardio sessions and low-impact barre workouts. 

Bonus: Each pair of JoyLab leggings only costs $35, which is less than half of most brands!

The other item that I tested out on this day was the seamless mesh racerback sports bra. The bra itself features a high neckline and tasteful mesh cutouts, making it the perfect workout crop top. But, I was skeptical if the material would offer the support I needed during cardio movies. 

Unfortunately, this sports bra fell just short of the support I look for in a high-quality sports bra, BUT it has been perfect for low-impact workouts with no jumping. What I love most about this bra, though, is how sweat-absorbant the fabric is!

Overall, JoyLab offers incredibly high-quality products for very reasonable prices and I can’t wait to fill my activewear collection with more of its pieces!

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