Primally Pure Natural Deodorant Product Review

For the past year or so, I’ve been making a conscious effort to make sure my skincare products are as natural as possible [or, at least that they contain as few ingredients as possible]. In an attempt to live a holistically healthy lifestyle, I know a big part of that is to make sure my skincare is just as healthy as my diet. 

A big part of this transition is to switch to a natural deodorant. According to Time Magazine, traditional deodorants contain a TON of chemicals and ingredients like aluminum and parabens that just aren’t healthy for your skin [if you wouldn’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t lather it on your skin either]. 

So, I knew all of this to be true but I was still hesitant to make the switch. Why? Well, I had heard stories from friends and other people on social media who had bad experiences with natural deodorants. Whether it was their skin reacting negatively to the new product or finding that the natural product didn’t absorb sweat and odor like traditional brands, it seemed a lot of people were having similar problems. 

Fast forward a few months, and I was introduced to Primally Pure, a natural skincare brand dedicated to using “fewer ingredients” for “superior results.” Still, I was worried that switching to a natural deodorant wouldn’t yield the results I was looking for. But, after researching Primally Pure further, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to at least try. 

Primally Pure makes its deodorant with organic ingredients [completely free of chemicals like aluminum and parabens!] and offers seven different scents all intended for different skin  types: 

  • Blue tansy anti-inflammatory deodorant
  • Classic charcoal deodorant 
  • Geranium balancing deodorant
  • Lavender healing deodorant
  • Lemongrass rejuvenating deodorant
  • Tea tree cleansing deodorant
  • Unscented soothing deodorant

As its bestseller, I decided to try the classic charcoal deodorant, which includes activated charcoal for detoxifying benefits. In addition to coconut oil, essential oils and beeswax, Primally Pure makes its deodorant with kaolin clay [which odor-causing impurities] and non-nano zinc oxide [which soothes irritation]. 

Boom. Both of my concerns were disputed. Now, it was time to put the product to the test.

I’ve been using Primally Pure’s charcoal deodorant for about a month and it has successfully taken me from barre classes to bootcamps to just day-to-day errand running. For as long as I’ve been using it, I have not had any sort of skin irritation and have noticed that this deodorant is just as sweat absorbing and effective as my previous brand!

As a bonus, Primally Pure makes it SUPER easy to stay stocked on its products by offering a subscription plan. Choose a monthly, bimonthly or trimonthly plan and have deodorant refills sent directly to your doorstep with free shipping! I will definitely be continuing to buy from Primally Pure in the very near future.

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