4 Tips For Creating a Bullet Journal

Today marks my last first day of school … ever. That feels weird to say, but as I begin my senior year I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds for me and where I will go after graduation. Until then, though, my priority is to get through the school year and to do so I need to stay as organized as possible. 

I’ve sworn by planners for as long as I can remember, but I’ve always struggled to find one that has just the right layout to fit my schedule. So, I decided to finally take the leap and create a bullet journal. 

Bullet journals are a great way to customize your planner to ensure it has every aspect that you’re looking for! For me, this includes a space to have a to-do list, a monthly calendar spread and extra space to write daily agendas and take notes. 

Bullet journaling can be time consuming, but the payoff is worth it. However, if you’re like me and lack time [and artistic ability], the process can be a whole other type of intimidating. So, here are my top tips for simplifying the bullet journaling process to create a journal you will love: 

Choose a design that sparks joy
If you’re going to be using this notebook everyday, you’re going to want a design that you enjoy looking at. When choosing which notebook to create your bullet journal in, look for a design that makes you feel good inside. Whether this is your favorite color, a fun pattern or an inspirational quote, a journal design that sparks joy will instantly set your days up for success!

Invest in high-quality pens
If you have a Type A personality [like yours truly], you’re probably going to want to color code your journal. For this, I highly recommend investing in a set of high quality pens. Sure, it may not be the expense you’re wanting to spend at the moment, but finding a pack with just the right amount of colors to appropriately color code your daily tasks will make your entire journal feel much more organized! 

Use a notebook with dividers
Like I mentioned before, I love a planner with a variety of spreads. However, this can sometimes make a notebook look messy and unorganized. I’ve found the best way to combat this is to choose a journal that has dividers built in. [Bonus if you find one with dividers that double as folders!]

Find a notebook with different page layouts
Similarly, each layout is going to require a different type of page. For example, I draw my monthly calendar spreads on dotted paper to help keep my lines straight and everything uniformed. My to-do list, on the other hand, uses pages which have bubbles I can cross off once the task is completed and my general notes pages are simply lined. 

The beauty of a bullet journal is that you can customize it and organize it to your own specific taste, so these are just loose guidelines that I found helpful when getting started. Share your bullet journal photos with me on Instagram!

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As a senior studying magazine journalism at Ohio University and a passionate feminist, I created Freely Femme as a way to use my love for storytelling to highlight some of the most inspirational women in my personal life and beyond.

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