Setting Intentions for the 2020-21 school year

I honestly cannot believe that I’ve completed my first week of my senior year! My time at Ohio University has simultaneously flown by and also felt like a lifetime in the making. There are so many ways the people and town of Athens have shaped me into the person I am today, and I am so excited to see what this year has in store for me.

For the past three years, I have started each semester by setting intentions for myself. I prefer to set intentions rather than goals because “goals” feel like they have to be checked off by a certain deadline. Intentions, on the other hand, are less “accomplish this by X date” and more “this is how I want my life to look and feel this semester.” 

My favorite way to set intentions is to categorize them into three different groups: career, health and personal. Today’s Friday Favs is a bit different, but I want to share my personal intentions with my readers in an attempt to manifest them into existence!

Career – Cultivate community through Freely Femme

Of course, one of my major goals for this year is to find a job in journalism after graduation. But, beyond that, I don’t want to lose my passion for writing and storytelling. Freely Femme has been my outlet and a way to control what I write and how I write it. 

This platform not only motivates me to continue to improve within my craft, but also inspires the hell out of me. Through Freely Femme, I’ve been introduced to SO MANY inspiring trainers, business owners, artists and other creatives and have found a sense of inspiration that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I hope to continue to grow Freely Femme this year and create a community where young girls and women can come together to support and empower one another ❤

Health – Find joy in fitness
I can honestly say that I love working out. I love trying new styles of training and completing different training programs. I love the way I look when I’m consistently on my #grind, but more importantly I love the way I FEEL. 

When I first started exercising, it was because I was unhappy with the way I looked. I found myself unmotivated to workout and unhappy when I wasn’t seeing results. This year, I hope to maintain the joy I have found over the years within my fitness routine and to remember to stay focused on the reasons why I workout that are deeper than just surface level. 

Personal – Emanate positive energy
This past summer has been a time of immense personal growth. I found myself facing challenges I never could have expected and have had to confront my emotions and mental health in completely new ways. 

Throughout this time, I’ve realized how important it is to me that I am a source of light within the lives of those around me. This year, I hope to maintain the optimistic outlook on life and surround myself only with people that match my energy.

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As a senior studying magazine journalism at Ohio University and a passionate feminist, I created Freely Femme as a way to use my love for storytelling to highlight some of the most inspirational women in my personal life and beyond.

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