DNTY Jewelry Encourages Growth Amidst Hardship

Image provided by Meg Oyler

When Meg Oyler lost her marketing job due to COVID-19, she was looking for any opportunity to stay on top of her finances. With a degree in marketing and a minor in photography, Meg was hoping to use this downtime at home to further explore her creative side. 

Image provided by Meg Oyler

On a whim, she drove an hour to the nearest craft store and purchased a few charms with the intention of creating necklaces out of them. After posting these necklaces on her Instagram and a positive response from her friends and family, Meg decided to continue making and selling simple pieces of jewelry and launched DNTY Jewelry. But, her intention behind each piece had shifted. 

“I really wanted to do something meaningful. I wanted them to have a meaning behind it that would encourage people to allow themselves to grow at whatever point in life they’re at,” she says.

While standing in the craft store, a pack of charms with inspirational words printed on them caught Meg’s eye and the Grow N’ Give collection was born. This collection of unisex necklaces is intended to inspire people to wear a word they resonate with around their neck as a daily reminder. Meg encourages her customers to pass the necklace along to someone else in their lives who could use that reminder, when they feel the time is right.

Image provided by Meg Oyler

The Grow N’ Give collection started with just six necklaces that were made from charms that Meg simply purchased from the craft store. In order to promote her small business, Meg posted a video of the necklaces on TikTok and within 24 hours, the video had more than 70 thousand views and Meg had received more than 100 orders. 

Shortly after, Meg began receiving requests for custom orders but was limited to only the words she was able to find at the store. But, determined to meet her customers’ needs, she invested in a hand stamping kit and blank circle and rectangular charms. After self-teaching herself the process of impress art, and many trial and errors, Meg was finally able to begin offering commissioned pieces. 

Meg is now pursuing DNTY Jewelry as a full-time job and reached close to a million views on TikTok and received more than 1,000 orders.

“I’m making these necklaces but the reason people are buying them is because they want to grow in an area of life, and it’s crazy that people recognize that and then they want to spend the money to grow in that word,” she says. “It just makes me so happy to see the amount  of lives that are changing from these necklaces and how much of an impact they truly are making on these people’s lives.” 

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