Packing Hacks

Moving back to school is always a stressful endeavor. Not only do you have to cram everything you’ve ever owned into a car or two, but you have to do so in a way that makes transporting it from your car to your apartment as efficient as possible. Over the years, I’ve learned a few packing tricks to save space and allow the move to happen in as few trips from the car as possible. Here are my top three: 

Use packing cubes
Ever since I purchased these packing cubes from Target, I’ve had NO problem getting all of my clothes to fit in my suitcase [and yes, I overpack for everything]! Not only do the cubes keep your clothes organized, but it also significantly condenses the piles of t-shirts and jeans that you’re trying to stuff in your luggage. 

Pack shoes in laundry basket
It’s no secret that shoes are probably the bulkiest item you’re going to have to pack, and there’s no denying that you’ll need at least one laundry basket in your new home. So, save space by piling your shoes inside the basket! That way, you won’t be wasting multiple totes and duffle bags by trying to fit all of your shoes inside. 

Pack hanging clothes with trash bags
Probably the most valuable tip I received when packing to move was to leave hanging items on the hangers and securing them with garbage bags. This trick keeps your hangers organized [rather than thrown carelessly into the bottom of a bin] while significantly condensing the amount of space your hanging clothes are taking up in your car!

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