Power Ryde Adds Unique Twist to Cycling

Photo by Denise Haney

Ever since I took my first indoor cycling class a few years ago, I’ve taken any chance possible to get back on a bike. I fell in love with the high intensity cardio workout and the atmosphere that every cycling studio provides. So, when I heard about Power Ryde, a studio located in Loveland, Ohio, I was quick to book a class. 

Photo by Amanda Cawdry

Mother-daughter owners Casey and Meg Hilmer admit that this new style of cycling takes a bit of getting used to. So, for first-time riders they offer a three-class introductory package for the same price as one individual class. At first, I wasn’t sure why this was necessary as I had taken plenty of cycling class in the past, but by the end of my first class I was so glad that I had already signed up for two more.

Power Ryde uses RealRyder bikes rather than traditional stationary bikes. Upon first glance, these bikes look like any other bikes that you would find in another cycling studio. But, once you mount the seat and wobble from side to side a bit, it’s clear that these are nothing like what you’re used to from other spinning classes.

RealRyder bikes tilt and lean side to side rather than staying upright and center all class. This allows the instructors to command the class to pulse their bikes to either side as well as shake the entire bike back and forth, thus activating the arms and core in addition to working the entire lower body.

Are you starting to understand why I was GLAD to have two more classes to get used to this new style of workout?! The first class I took, I was so uncomfortable — but in the best way! Not only were the additional pulsing and shaking movements and added challenge, but simply standing up and trying to stay balanced was a difficult task in itself. 

Photo by Denise Haney

This unconventional spinning technique paid off, though, and I left class dripping [literally] with sweat and my muscles were sore for nearly a week after! For those looking to shake [pun intended ;-)] up their cardio workouts but love the intensity of indoor spinning, Power Ryde is the place to be.

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