Sarah’s Day’s Sweat It to Shred It Intensifies Home Workouts

If you know anything about me, you know that this Sweat Rec was inevitable. It’s no secret that I absolutely ADORE Sarah’s Day and the way she advocates for a healthy lifestyle rather than quick diets or health trends. So, upon completing her first workout program, Sweat It to Shred It, of course I have to recommend it to all of you!

This workout plan is suitable for all fitness levels. Weeks one through three only consist of a total of four workouts, with only one sweaty shredder and one toning power. So, if you’re new to exercise, this is an ideal way to ease into the program. But, if you’re a bit more advanced, the first three weeks leave a few open days where you can choose your own workout or fitness class to take [though, you may reconsider after learning how challenging Sarah’s workouts are!].

Once you’ve gotten used to the style of training that Sweat It to Shred It uses, weeks four through five increase to five workouts [two sweaty shredders and one toning power], and weeks six through eight increase to six [two sweaty shredders and two toning powers]. 

All of the workouts in the EBook are bodyweight, so no equipment is required, making this the perfect plan to complete if you don’t have access to a gym! Don’t let the bodyweight moves fool you, though. Sarah has carefully structured each workout to increase time under tension. By performing four to six rounds of each move, your time under tension is increased and your muscles will be just as fatigued as if you were lifting heavy weights!

Here’s a breakdown of how the workouts are structured:



Sweaty Shredders
*Seven moves 
*Six rounds per move
*30 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest
*30 seconds of rest between each move


Toning Powers
*Three supersets, six moves
*Four rounds per superset
*1 minute of work, no rest between moves
*45 seconds of rest after each round
*60 seconds of rest between each superset

With Sarah’s broad range of training styles, every workout incorporates a variety of moves, from pilates-inspired ab and butt movements to classic cardio moves. This blend of training styles ensures that your heart rate will be up while also working smaller muscles that you don’t typically train with standard moves!

Photo from @sarahs_day on Instagram

Want even more of Sarah’s workouts? Continue your training with Sweat It Reload for weeks 9-16!

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