What it Means to Manifest Your Reality

Back in March, I went through my very first breakup. I know, 20-years-old seems kind of late to experience heartbreak for the first time, but here we are! Like anyone nursing a broken heart, I began to find myself questioning my worth. Those oh-so-fun thoughts of “why am I not good enough?” and “how can I be better?” flooded by head almost daily. Eventually, I decided I needed to do something about how I was feeling, rather than wallow in it. So, I turned to therapy. 

I’ll admit, I was lucky when it came to finding a therapist that I liked. Everyone warned me that it would probably take a few trial and error to find someone I really felt comfortable with, but I connected with the first person I met with almost immediately. [Side note: if it takes you longer to find a therapist you’re comfortable with, that’s okay and completely normal! Don’t let it deter you <3].

A few months into my weekly meetings, my therapist suggested I create a vision board and manifest what my ideal life would look like. My first thought was, “how is wishing for something going to make me feel better?” But, I did it and honestly, it DID make me feel better! So, I’m going to share those manifestations with you.

First, let’s get something straight: manifesting isn’t simply saying you want something over and over and just hoping it happens. Rather, it is speaking out loud [or writing down or putting into a vision board] something that you want for yourself and then using that as a guideline for the energy you invite into your life. 

For example, I’m not going to sit here and simply say “I want to be a successful writer” and then go about my day and do absolutely nothing to actually achieve that goal. Instead, I’m going to tell myself consistently that I want to be a successful writer and I’m going to use that goal to motivate me whenever I’m working on a blog post, or pitching a freelance story or applying to jobs.

So actually, this blog post is more for me than it is for you [but, if it inspires you to create your own vision board, then that’s a bonus!]. So, speaking to myself, here is what my ideal life will look like one day: 

I will see the world

I will travel frequently. I will work hard to allow myself to afford these adventures. I will step out of my comfort zone and explore places I’ve never been. I will experience different cultures and meet new people and broaden my understanding of the world. [And yes, I will take many trips to Disney World with my best friends.]

I will be a successful writer

Whether it is with my blog, at a website, at a magazine or somewhere I can’t even predict yet, I will be successful with my writing. I will have an office that will be decorated like a Pinterest board and I will have a closet full of stylish business casual outfits so that I can look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside. 

I will become a fitness instructor

Maybe it will be Pilates, or barre, or cycling. I can’t say for sure right now, but one day I will inspire a class of fitness enthusiasts to fall in love with working out the same way that my fitness coaches have inspired me.

I will be surrounded by people who bring light into my life

No, not now and not any time in the near future [I have to get started on the above aspirations first!], but one day I will have my own family and my best friends will be standing next to me at my dream wedding. I will travel across the country [and the world] to visit these friends as they build new lives in new cities. We will make memories together and the energy that surrounds the relationships in my life will feel like it was pulled out of a cliche young adult novel. 

In my ideal future, I will be surrounded by people who are good for my soul while having experiences that make me a better person with a level of confidence that is unwavering. There’s nothing stopping me from making the manifestation a reality.

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As a senior studying magazine journalism at Ohio University and a passionate feminist, I created Freely Femme as a way to use my love for storytelling to highlight some of the most inspirational women in my personal life and beyond.

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