BGSU Student Crochets Headbands to Support USPS

When social distancing was at its strictest back in April, Bowling Green State University student Tay Sauer took up knitting as a way to fill her time. Starting with smaller items like dishcloths and baby booties, she quickly moved up to baby blankets and bandanas. Now, Tay is crocheting and selling headbands in an attempt to support a local yarn shop in Bowling Green, Ohio, as well as the United States Postal Service [USPS]. 

“Since March, I’ve seen so many downtown Bowling Green businesses close,” Tay says. A lot of students eat at local restaurants, shop at the boutiques and record stores and buy from local coffee shops. But, The Busy Thimble doesn’t get a lot of attention from students, so i wanted to support them by sourcing all of my yarns and supplies from there.” 

Each headband, which are offered in two different designs and a variety of colors, takes Tay about two days, or four to six hours, to make. She sells each piece for only $5 which she then puts back into purchases from The Busy Thimble, or uses to cover shipping costs for orders outside of Bowling Green.

Ever Since Louis DeJoy, described as a “Republican megadonor and ally of President Trump’s” by The New York Times, took over as postmaster general in May, the USPS has seen cuts, including presidential opposition of new postal funding, which have caused backups in mail delivery. 

“One of the best ways to support the post office right now is to buy stamps, so sending the bandanas through the mail was the best way for me to support a service our country relies so much on,” she says. 

Tay simply took up knitting and crocheting as a hobby a few months ago. She never planned to sell her pieces, let alone use them as a form of activism. But, the situation presented itself and Tay couldn’t resist. 

“I wanted to give back to the community that has given so much to me,” she says. “Many small businesses depend on the post office for cheap shipping, veterans depend on the post office for medication and incarcerated individuals use the post office to contact lawyers and loved ones. I wanted to support a service that allows those who need aid to access it cheaply and effectively.”

Contact Tay on Twitter, or send me an email, to purchase a headband!

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