3 Books to Help You Get Into Spooky Season

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It is officially spooky season! If you thought I was pumped for fall last month, this month I’m decorating my house with leaves and have turned my small black cat into a bat. Fall is the best time to start getting in the habit of putting up decorations, making cozy meals and pulling out those sweaters that we all missed in the summer months. Fall is also my favorite time to read books. It just feels like this time of year is the start of something magical in the air and with it comes cool nights for us to sit on the couch, throw on an Autumn ASMR room on YouTube and get transported to another place, time or even world. 

This month, I have three books that fit all of these vibes; they’re a bit spooky, a bit magical and SUPER cozy. 

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires by Grady Hendrix 

This is a horror book by genre but if you’re like me and hate anything too scary [the “Scream” movies are as scary as I will go], then I think this book is a safe horror for you to jump into. The book describes itself as “Fried Green Tomatoes meets Steel Magnolias meets Dracula…” which are three of my favorite things. Also, it is set in the ’90s so really what more could you ask for?! 

Hendrix takes the idea of the suburban housewife and makes her a badass after posing the question: what if a vampire came to town? It’s a psychological thriller that will throw you into the lives of these women and how they tackle an evil coming into their home. Mothers will do anything to protect their children. 

You would like this if: You love good writing and anything supernatural.
This book is best paired with: A Syrah and a bowl of fresh cut peaches. 

Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman 

This book by Alice Hoffman sparked the inspiration for the #1 best movie to watch this month, Practical Magic starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman as sister witches. In the book, we follow the Owens sisters as they grow up and start to realize that their love life is actually cursed. For over two hundred years, the Owens women have been under a curse set upon by a distant ancestor that will make staying in love hard even though falling in love is easier. All I know is as a reader you will fall in love with the Owens family and the bond these sisters have as well as the trials they overcome. Pro tip: Read this book first before diving into Hoffman’s two additional titles in this series which go back in time to the origin of the Owens’ misery.

You will like this book if: You want more magic in your life and love family stories.
This book is best paired with: A margarita [if you know you know] and best read after a long night of pumpkin carving.

Conjure Women by Afia Atakora

Can you tell that I love books about strong women? Housewives, cursed sisters and now into a book about a mother and daughter who are healers. We go back in time to the South around the Civil War and take a look at a family across different generations. We follow three women, Miss May Belle, Rue and Varina, and get to know their passions, beliefs and, most importantly, their secrets. This book is highly descriptive and oftentimes I got lost in the pages not realizing I had been reading for hours. As a bonus, we also get a great look at life both before and after the war.

You will like this book if: You like historical fiction and fierce women.
This book is best paired with: Pie for desert and a big cup of tea [don’t forget the milk and sugar].

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