Product Review: Women’s Best Supplements

Within the past few years, I have leaned on fitness as an outlet for stress relief, confidence and an overall mood booster. However, until about a year ago, I wasn’t properly fueling my body for the work I was putting it through. I knew I needed to start helping myself and started researching protein supplements and other nutritional products. 

Searching for even a protein powder that totally agreed with my body and aligned with my goals felt sort of impossible, but after a year of trying various brands, I finally came across Women’s Best. There are tons of reasons I love WB, from the bright pink packaging to the delectable flavor and major nutritional benefits, but most importantly, the brand makes me excited to fuel my body.

Below I’ve highlighted some of my must-try recommendations for anyone looking for a killer brand with great flavors. However, note that I’m not in a position to offer nutritional advice — these are just a few products that work for me and make me happy, so I thought it would be worth it to share. 

Protein Powder 

Of all the WB products I’ve enjoyed, the protein powder has always been my favorite. Protein powder is my everyday staple and gives me an extra boost, so it has to be enjoyable. I’ve bought and loved the Double Rich Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Coconut Sensation flavors — you can’t go wrong with any of these! Other than the taste, I love knowing that I get what I need with 24g of protein and a high amino acid content. I especially love that it has a low lactose content, which has helped me greatly with not feeling bloated, which was my biggest problem with many other protein supplements. 


While I was in college, I developed a habit of starting my workouts around 6 a.m. Unfortunately, it was never that easy for me to wake up and feel energized enough to get the most from my sessions. I started relying on energy drinks, like Bang, full of an overwhelming 300mg of caffeine. My stomach never felt well after drinking one, and I routinely had headaches from it. Knowing I needed to do something different, I tried WB’s Pre-Workout Booster in the Tropical Punch flavor. After using that instead of harsh energy drinks, I felt that my energy was better distributed and that I was really getting the most from my workout. What I love more is that it contains only 100mg of caffeine, so the effects are there, but they aren’t overwhelming. For a yummy pre-workout treat, this will save you! 

Meal Replacement Shake 

The meal replacement shake is still fairly new for me as my most recent WB purchase. When deciding what products to invest in, I had never considered meal replacement shakes for the fear of unhealthy habits. However, I have always been guilty of occasionally blowing through my lunch breaks on my busiest days [we’ve all been there], so I decided to snag it. Of course, I can’t say it trumps a hot meal, but the Cereal Milk flavor is a tasty option for chaotic days when I still want to feel full. I love having it around! 


BCAA’s, or branched chain amino acids, contain three essential acids: leucine, isoleucine & valine. The BCAA powder from WB is perfect because these acids cannot be produced by our body alone! From my understanding, BCAA’s are great for maintaining muscle mass and preventing muscle loss. But from experience, I’ve also noticed these have aided in muscle recovery after intense workouts. A scoop of it in my water [I recommend the flavor Fruit Fusion!] during workouts makes rehydrating a little more exciting, and I love the effect it has had on my overall performance! 

Collagen drink 

WB isn’t just for sports nutrition, they also offer a line of products for overall health. The True Beauty Mango collagen drink is one of my more recent purchases because, once again, I realized I was slacking on caring for hair, skin and nails.  Luckily, the collagen drink includes over ten vitamins and minerals to help moisturize and maintain these parts of the body. I can honestly say I look forward to drinking True Beauty as part of my evening routine because the flavor and the benefits makes me feel truly pampered!

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