Chloe Ting’s Workouts Are Intense & Apartment-Friendly

When I moved back to school, I was a little bit nervous about how exactly I would maintain my fitness routine. Sure, the campus recreational center is now reopened, but with a new requirement to wear masks at all times. While I understand the necessity of this rule, I personally don’t want to wear a mask while doing intense workouts, so I’ve chosen to just avoid the gym completely. [Side note: if you don’t want to wear a mask inside an establishment, it takes a lot less effort to just not enter that establishment rather than arguing with the staff!!]

Since the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a new normal, I’ve grown accustomed to at-home workouts. But, living on the second floor of an apartment makes it difficult to get intense cardio workouts in without jumping [I don’t want to disturb my downstairs neighbors!]. So, finding Chloe Ting’s YouTube channel and free fitness plans was a game changer!

Chloe has become famous on a variety of social media platforms for her intense workouts. Prior to trying them for myself, I watched countless TikTok videos of people completing her workouts and ending up dripping in sweat and confirming how challenging it is. Rather than start a full program right away, I chose a few of Chloe’s workouts from YouTube to create my own session. Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!

All of the videos I did were only 10 to 15 minutes each and focused on a different muscle group. I combined legs, booty, abs and cool down videos for a session that was about an hour long and burned nearly 500 calories … all with NO equipment and no jumping!

Although Chloe’s workouts do include moves like squat jumps and burpees, she always offers low-impact options. These options are just as effective as the high intensity moves, but are perfect for those living in an apartment [like me], beginners or people who want to avoid jumping to avoid any injuries. Some of Chloe’s workouts also use dumbbells or resistance bands, but the low impact options also feature no equipment. So, regardless of your skill level or access to equipment, you’re guaranteed to get your heart rate up and muscles shaking!

Here are the videos I did for my first Chloe Ting workout [though I recommend trying her FREE workout plans!]:

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