Dynamic Duo Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes stress me out. There, I said it. I’ve never been great at coming up with unique costumes, despite how hard I’ve tried. Fortunately, my friends’ creativity surpasses my own and they’ve created some of the most #iconic dynamic duo Halloween costumes over the years! Here are my three favorites:

Remy & Alfredo Linguini — Ratatouille
Fortunately for me, I was actually included in this one! I’ve seen a lot of Disney dynamic duo couple’s costumes in the past, but I had never once thought about dressing up as Remy the rat and his chef counterpart. Thanks to my friend Alicia, this is probably my most creative costume to date.

Trash can & Raccoon
I … honestly don’t know how Alicia and Kelsey came up with this one, but seeing as their friendship largely consists of sending each other videos of raccoons on Twitter I guess it makes sense? They really went all out for this one, and honestly I respect it a lot.

Eliza and Alexander Hamilton — Hamilton
Let the record show that Tay and Christine were Hamilton fans long before the musical hit Disney+ [and even before many of us had listened to the soundtrack!]. So, it only made sense that they dressed as Eliza and Alexander for a high school Halloween party and honestly, I don’t think anyone else could have done it any better.

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