TamTak Jewelry Sells Jewelry “As Unique As You”

Photo from @tamtakjewelry on Instagram

Tam Nguyen has always believed in promoting positive energy. While growing up in Vietnam, she became committed to learning about the Four Immeasurable of Buddhism [kindness, compassion, appreciating joy and equanimity] and what these four traits entail. 

Tam knew she wanted to take what she has learned and spread it to the communities around her and with a brief education in business, the best way to do so was to launch her own brand. On April 28, 2020, TamTak Jewelry officially launched. 

Photo from tamtakjewelry.com

Prior to the launch of her jewelry brand, Tam worked for five years as a nail tech. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and forced her to stay home, she became a self-taught jeweler and began selling bracelets made with traditional Vietnamese stones — an homage to her Vietnamese roots.

“I’m from Vietnam and that’s a really big thing over there,” Tam says. “People believe that the stone gives you the energy that you need to help attract all the good blocks and possibilities in your life.” 

In Vietnam, Tam says, different stones bring different energy. For example, rose quartz brings the possibility of attracting love and jade is meant to bring good luck. TamTak’s Spread Love Bracelets collection features both of these stones as well as others, like sun stone, rutilated quartz and aquamarine stones. 

The individual charms on the bracelets can also be customized, making each piece unique to the person purchasing it. Tam says she hopes these bracelets, in addition to her other products, will allow women and girls with a love of jewelry to come together to celebrate beauty. 

“There’s a lot of times customers email me and tell me they received their product and because it’s personalized, it’s really meaningful to them,” she says.

On the same day her online store launched, Tam posted a video of herself constructing a customized wire name necklace [her bestseller] on TikTok. The video quickly went viral and now has more than 261 thousand views and Tam’s account has over 608 thousand followers. The success of her TikTok account has added to the success of TamTak as a brand.

“There’s a ton of jewelry companies out there, but I think TikTok really makes a difference because what I focus on is the quality [and people can see that],” Tam says. “What I think people like about my brand, too, is my personality [which they see in my videos.]”

TamTak Jewelry is not Tam’s first business endeavor. In fact, she had two businesses fail prior to her current success. But, failure has been her driving factor and Tam hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs to use their own failures as motivation, too.

“Don’t be afraid to take risks and don’t be afraid of failing because that’s how you really learn,” she says.

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