Peach Bum Provides Feminine & Body Positive Workout Environment

Photo from @peachbumfitness on Instagram

When Grace Stone moved to London to complete her bachelor’s degree, she fell in love with the boutique fitness trend that was prevalent in the city. A native of Dallas, Texas, Grace hadn’t experienced a city as rich in fitness studios as London was, and when she moved back to Texas she wanted to nurture her newfound passion on her own. Now, Grace is just weeks away from the grand opening of Peach Bum, an Austin-based fitness boutique.

“In London, I would step into these studios and it was these amazing, highly specialized immersive experiences,” Grace says. “It was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before.”

When she first moved to Austin, Grace worked a standard desk job, but says she never felt fully fulfilled and knew she wanted to start her own business of some sort. Although she found a few fitness studios that she liked, nothing really captured her interest like the studios she visited abroad. As a result, she resorted to at-home workouts and fell into a slump with her fitness routine. 

“Eventually, the idea came to me that maybe I should bring the type of studio I was looking for to this city,” Grace says. “I realized that I could just be the creator of what I wanted to see.”

Photo provided by Grace Stone

After a long process of looking for a space to build her studio, trademarking the brand name
Peach Bum” and making plans for what her studio would entail, Grace announced the plans for her studio on TikTok on Sept. 21. The video quickly went viral [it currently has more than 500 thousand likes] and thus, Peach Bum was born.

In the TikTok, Grace shares how she struggled to find a fitness routine that met all of her needs, including having a good playlist, an inspiring atmosphere and a workout that helped her meet her fitness goals. Because of this experience, Peach Bum has been branded with the intention of inspiring all of the clients that walk through its doors.

“Our mission is to provide a safe and body positive environment where everyone can feel comfortable and excited about working out,” Grace says. “Being healthy and taking care of your body is something that should be fun and something you should look forward to; it shouldn’t be a drag.”

In order to create an atmosphere in line with this mission, Grace consulted a branding expert to determine the details of Peach Bum’s branding. With interior designs that are “feminine, but minimal,” the Peach Bum studio will use a pastel, peachy and fresh color palette to create a welcoming environment. 

During classes, there will be an emphasis on fun lighting and a “fire playlist” to keep clients motivated. Plus, Grace says, the studio will use details like neon signs and Scandinavian-inspired decor to provide the perfect photo opportunity. 

Grace has also worked extensively with a class developer to design Peach Bum’s signature class. The 45-minutes Tabata-style class will be sectioned into short intervals and will focus on every muscle group. It will be of medium intensity to encourage clients to focus on proper form for the most effective muscle toning results. All Peach Bum instructors will be required to have some sort of fitness certification before becoming certified in the Peach Bum method.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, initial Peach Bum classes will be smaller and masks will be required throughout the duration of the class. Eventually, Grace hopes to launch a virtual version of the class as well as YouTube videos so that everyone can access the content and join the Peach Bum community, regardless of where they live.

“I think it’s important to have a space where women can feel like it’s their own,” she says. “Where they can feel safe and like it’s going to be body positive. Sometimes you just want to be in a feminine, girly environment!”

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