Bridget James Ling Offers Classes For Moving & Manifesting

Photo from @bridgetjamesling on Instagram

Today’s Sweat Rec is a bit different and focuses more on mental health than physical health. I’ve always been an adamant believer that mental health is JUST as important as physical health, but I’ve never heard of any group classes that focus on this side of wellness. Recently, I was introduced to Bridget James Ling’s Move & Manifest class, which does exactly that!

First, let me just say that I got myself out of bed at 6 a.m. [yes, in the morning] for this class which in itself is a major feat for me. But, let me tell you the early rising was DEFINITELY worth it. Bridget’s class uses body movement as a physical way to address your inner manifestations and goals.

Photo from @bridgetjamesling on Instagram

I’ll be honest, at first I was a bit nervous because this class was so out of my comfort zone [but, that’s the beauty of being able to turn your camera off for a virtual class, right?!]. The class started with total body movement that sort of mimicked dance movements, which makes sense because Bridget also teaches cardio dance classes. Not being a dancer myself, I felt a bit goofy with the way we were being told to just sink into the movements, but I eventually did and it was definitely more comfortable by the end!

The theme for the class I took was “fear” and addressing the fears that stand in the way of achieving your goals. A frequently repeated movement throughout the class was looking up to address your fears, scattering those fears away from you and then walking forward to symbolize not letting that fear hold you back. 

After the class, Bridget took to Instagram and wrote, “I was being mean to my fear. Like you, I’ve got big goals, and while I’m going for these goals…Fear is showing tf up … I was responding to my fear with things like “F*ck you Fear, get out of my life, stay away”…Inevitably creating more resistance and negativity around my goals! My soul sister friend caught me in the act and said WOAH Bridget wait. Rather than yelling at your fear, try talking to her. Love her. Talk to her like a younger version of yourself.”

This was a common sentiment that I noticed throughout the class as well, which really helped me shift my mindset. Throughout the class, not only was I focused on performing the physical movements intended to symbolize overcoming obstacles, but I was also focused on making that mental change as well. The class ended with a two-minute dance party [because, why not?] and I genuinely felt refreshed and inspired to start my day!

Stay connected with Bridget and all of her classes on Instagram.

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