Sweat It Reload Takes Sarah’s Day’s Workouts to the Next Level

Screenshot from Sweat It Reload ebook

A little bit ago, I completed Sweat It to Shred It by Sarah’s Day and absolutely fell in love with the format of the fitness program! I loved how all of the workouts could easily be completed from home with no equipment at all, yet still left your muscles sore for days. By the end of the program, I really wanted to add a bit more intensity to the routine, so I dove straight into Sweat It Reload

Screenshot from Sweat It Reload ebook

Reload is the follow-up program to Sarah’s eight-week ebook and takes you through another eight weeks of intense workouts, creating a routine which makes it easy to hold yourself accountable. With my hesitancy to return to my school’s gym because of COVID-19, I was looking for a way to incorporate strength training into my at-home workouts. Reload offered the perfect option!

Like the first ebook, Reload consists of a variety of different style workouts, including Sweaty Shredders, Toning Powers and additional challenges. However, this second ebook also includes Sezzy Circuits which utilize equipment like dumbbells, benches [or chairs] and resistance bands [optional].

Sezzy Circuits consist of three circuits, four moves each, repeated three times. Unlike Sweaty Shredders and Toning Powers, these workouts are performed for a specific number of reps rather than for a certain length of time. This style of training allows you to gradually increase the amount of weight each week so that you can keep pushing your limits. 

The challenges in Reload are also more intense than those in the first ebook, and many of them include running intervals and other cardio sessions, like kickboxing. There are also a few low-impact challenges like Pilates and a ballet-inspired booty burner to mix up your workouts!

Since these workouts only use dumbbells, it’s easy to complete them from a home gym space. But, don’t let this fool you … these sessions [especially the lower body Sezzy Circuits] left me sore for dayssss 😉

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