NEAT Method Organizes Your Home & Clears Your Mind

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Cincinnati-native Devan Miller always knew she wanted to own her own business. When she was 12 years old, she had her first gig as a babysitter and three years later she started working her first official job. As someone who always had a passion for finding new ways to make money, Devan’s entrepreneurial mindset is undeniable. 

When she graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2015 with a degree in hospitality management, Devan started her career in the corporate world as a corporate event planner. But although she feels her corporate job served a purpose in her life and she doesn’t regret ever working in the industry, she knew it wasn’t her heart’s passion. So, in 2019 Devan finally put her entrepreneurial skills to the test and opened the Cincinnati branch of NEAT Method, a professional home and business organizing firm.

“My Nana is the organizing queen … she would come over and we would organize my room for hours. It was like a pastime for us,” Devan says. “I’ve always just enjoyed doing it with her, and the opportunity [for NEAT Method] came up … and it was such a great fit for me.”

NEAT Method specializes in organizing, unpacking and downsizing homes and offices to make clients’ spaces as functional as they are beautiful. Fortunately, Devan’s previous experience in hospitality management and event planning taught her invaluable skills that have helped her succeed as the owner of NEAT method. As a luxury service provider, Devan and her team [which consists only of women!] handle the entirety of the organizing process, from the first time they walk through the door for a consultation to the last time they leave. 

Photo from @cincinnatineat on Instagram

Whether it’s purchasing organization products, like bins and storage containers, or hauling away items to be donated or thrown out, the NEAT method [pun intended ;-)] is designed to be a stress-free process for clients. Devan wants to emphasize, though, that “luxury” is not meant to intimidate people from booking the NEAT Method team.

“When I say ‘luxury’ I mean that the actual service itself is a luxury service,” she says. “If the client needs to do any editing, we make that process super simple and seamless for them.” 

Devan and her team are dedicated to not only organizing the personal spaces of their clients, but also to providing a bit of comfort to them as well. Especially with the state of the world currently and more people spending so much time at home, the NEAT Method team feels it’s important to have a space that is easy to relax in.

“Since we are spending so much time in your home, we really are invested in you and invested in your life,” Devan says. “So we get to know you and we get to know your kids’ names and we get to know your dog and other pets … So any time we can give back to our clients or help them have more time in their lives, that’s what we’re here to do.”

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