Vanessa Hudgens is the Best of All Worlds in “The Princess Switch: Switched Again”

Photo from IMDB

Vanessa Hudgens has been one of my favorite actresses for a long time [since her High School Musical Days]. So imagine my excitement when she decided to jump into the Hallmark-esque worlds of Netflix’s original holiday films!

Last winter, Hudgens was the leading lady in both “The Knight Before Christmas” and “The Princess Switch.” In the latter, she played both Stacy, a baker from Chicago, and Margaret, the duchess of Montenaro. Hudgens’s portrayal of both characters was incredibly compelling and the film was full of enough romance, holiday cheer and royalty to make even the Grinch’s heart swell. 

This year, Hudgens returned to her roles as Stacy and Margaret in “The Princess Switch: Switched Again.” However, this film features a new twist [there’s always a new twist], and Hudgens also embodies the character Fiona, Margaret’s cousin. When Stacy [now princess of Belgravia, after marrying Prince Edward] and her husband fly to Montenaro to celebrate Margaret’s unexpected coronation, she devises a plan to matchmake her best friend Kevin and Margaret. Though these two started a relationship in the first movie, it seems they have hit a rough patch and only Stacy can help them mend things. 

But, here’s where things get a bit twisted. 

Margaret’s cousin Fiona selfishly wants the throne for herself and devises her own plan to swap places with the duchess. So, Fiona who looks like Margaret who looks like Stacy wants to use her uncanny resemblance to the future queen to steal the throne. Can you see where things might get a bit complicated? 

The only way to find out how this story ends is to curl up on the couch in your fuzziest socks with a steam mug of hot chocolate and dive into the magical Netflix world for yourself!

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