Orangetheory Fitness Pushes Your Body Out of its Comfort Zone

Ever since I first began my fitness journey, Orangetheory Fitness is something that has been high up on my list of workouts to try. I was always intrigued by the idea of using three different methods of training within one workout and had heard great things about it from friends and family who had taken classes. So, when I had the opportunity to take a class over winter break this year I couldn’t pass it up!

A typical Orangetheory class is split into three sections: treadmills, rowers and free weights. Each person in the class will start at different stations and rotate through all three by the end of the hour. Personally, I started at the rowing station which focused on getting my heart rate up and rowing for distance while maintaining proper form. Since this was the workout I was least familiar with, this section was definitely the most challenging. Each rowing interval was also combined with sets of dynamic lower body strength training moves utilizing medicine balls. 

After the rowing machines, I moved to the floor to focus on the strength training section. What I loved about Orangetheory’s strength training is that it focused on less reps and heavier weight. This is a method of training I don’t typically use in my regular training schedule, so it was a much welcome change!

Finally, the last portion of the class was on the treadmills. As expected, the treadmill section was split into intervals at different speeds and inclines. Even though this is a very common cardio style, I still found myself being challenged and hitting new personal goals.

At the beginning of the class, the instructor gave me a heart rate monitor to try out prior to purchasing. Since this is a heart rate-based HIIT style class, these heart rate monitors, though optional, are crucial to track your progress in the class. 

There are five different heart rate zones that clients should be aware of. The gray zone represents your normal resting heart rate, the blue zone represents your heart rate when doing easy physical activity, the green represents more challenging physical activity, the orange is the zone you are in when doing a level of activity that is uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time and the red is the zone you’re in when going all-out. The goal of the class is to spend at least 12 minutes in the orange zone in order to push your body to new limits. Overall, I loved Orangetheory’s dedication to friendly competition, personal milestones and pushing your body out of its comfort zone!

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