Audrey Donovan

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Today’s #SheroSpotlight is Audrey Donovan, founder of Nana’s Book Bundles. Audrey launched her online book bundle business in August of 2020 as her first entrepreneurial endeavor. Inspired by her grandmother’s passion for reading, Audrey hopes to instill the same passion in her customers and I’m so excited to feature her on the blog today!

What sparked your passion for reading?

I’ve always enjoyed reading ever since I was a kid. I was an advanced reader and I just loved reading all the time. I went through a phase in middle school where I was constantly reading and not even focusing on school. I’ve always loved it, and then as I got older, I got to join a book club and do more fun things with it.

Do you have a favorite genre or author?

Yeah, so I love horror books. I love anything that can scare me. Stephen King is my favorite author, but I also really enjoy the classics. I also love nonfiction because I love to learn new things.

What was the inspiration behind Nana’s Book Bundles?

So, it’s called Nana’s book bundles because originally, all of the books that I sold were from my Nana, who’s my mom’s mom. During her lifetime she was a huge reader and she had this collection of hundreds of books and unfortunately, she has dementia now and we had to move her to assisted living and during that process she had all these books that we wanted to do something with. So, my mom and I kind of bounced around some ideas, we went through all the books that she had, saw that they were in really good condition and saw how much love she had for them and so we came up with the idea to sell them, but not just sell them individually, sell them in bundles. Then I was thinking, people can pick a genre and then I can send them a bunch of surprise books. They won’t know which books they’re getting, but they know it’ll be the genre. So, it’s been a really nice way to honor my grandmother and I still get books from other places, but originally it started with her. 

Can you describe the service and products your business provides?

I sell bundles of gently used books based on genre. So I get a whole bunch of used books and then I see which genres there are in them and then customers can come and pick the genre that they want. They get either three or five books, depending on the genre and they tell me a little bit about their preferences, and then I find books I think that they would like and I wrap them up, and I send them to them.

Where do you source your product from?

So I try really hard not to buy from other bookstores. It’s really important to me to save books from being thrown away. So where I get most of my books is second hand stores that don’t specialize in book sales. I don’t want to be taking books away from people who go to used bookstores and buy their own books from there, I want to be rescuing them. Another place that I like to source books is just people. People have really big collections of books, and I think when they have a large collection they want to know that the books that they loved are going to someone else who’s going to love them. They don’t want to give them away or throw them away or something. So, people have been really generous in donating their books to me because I clean them up and I can kind of guarantee that they’re gonna go to a new loving home.

What impact do you hope to make in the lives of your customers?

I really hope that people can just have a good experience with reading. I think a lot of people who loved reading as a kid now that we’re getting older, and so many things are changing and happening in our lives, a lot of us have kind of lost touch with our reading selves. We don’t really make time for it anymore. We have so many books that we wish we could read, but you kind of don’t have the time or make it a priority. So, I really hope I can bring back that kind of love for reading and help people discover new authors and genres and try something new. 

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