Malika Muhammad

Today’s Shero Spotlight is Malika Muhammad, a Cincinnati native who is currently studying health education at the University of Cincinnati! When she is not working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Malika is running her brand, Made by Malika. Through her brand, Malika promotes wellness in all aspects of life and advocates for giving back to the community by donating part of her proceeds to The Health Gap. I am so excited to have her on the blog today!

What was the inspiration behind Made by Malika?

Right now it’s just stuff that I like and want to share with people. I’ve been on a more spiritual path and just really like connecting with that side of health and how it correlates to your mental and physical health as well. So, I’ve gotten really into crystals, and cleansing my energy and protecting myself and even just meditating. All that stuff is really touching to me and so I like to share it with people.

What direction do you plan on taking the brand?

I want to do more handmade jewelry and things like that, and then I want to take my old clothes or thrifted clothes and turn it into newer pieces. The brand is all about renewing and recycling and just trying to better everyone a little bit. 

What sort of impact do you hope to make with your brand?

I would really love to be like a bigger platform so I can put other people on it, and I really want to share other people’s ideas and views and things of that nature. Especially a Black woman, especially right now during Black History Month, the impact I want to make is just really finding community. Within that, that’s where you share all this love with each other. It’s not about how much money I make, because I use the money to put it back into the health system, and specifically, I give part of the proceeds to The Health Gap. So, working with them, we do a lot of stuff for the Black women’s health movement.

Why is it important to you to donate to The Health Gap?

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Basically, it’s just trying to get Black women more health resources because there’s a huge gap between the Black community and people that had more privileges and more opportunities growing up. So, I just want to give back. It’s super important for me because it’s my community … Personally, for me, I feel like there’s a big gap just in capitalism in general, and money is not evenly distributed. So, the more that we can pump that back into the lower public communities and the places that don’t have all these opportunities that other people have, the more we can all rise together.

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