Jessica Tehlirian

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Today’s Shero Spotlight is Jessica Tehlirian, an attorney dedicated to serving all part of her community while making a conscious effort to hire a diverse team of lawyers at her firm! Last month, she went viral for her Tweet stating her intention to have the biggest Black law firm in the country and her impact as managing partner at the Esquire Litigation Group has only continued to grow.

What is your educational and professional background in law?

I have a BA from the University of Michigan, I have a JD, Business Law Certificate and MBA from Florida State University and I am a personal injury lawyer and a former prosecutor 

What inspired you to pursue law school and a career in law?

I wanted to be able to advocate for my community. 

What is the mission of your law firm?

To get great results for our clients while giving back to our community. 

Can you explain in your own words why this sort of representation is so necessary, especially in the law industry?

Only 5% of lawyers are black and within that small percentage only a few are able to work in firms with minority representation outside of themselves. I think it is important to create a safe space for minorities. We are open to hiring people of all races, we just feel like often black candidates are looked over and we want to combat that trend. 

What sort of impact do you hope to make in the community and the lives of your clients?

I hope to be able to inspire young girls and boys to consider this career path and hopefully make a better life for themselves and their families.

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