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NEAT Method Organizes Your Home & Clears Your Mind

Cincinnati-native Devan Miller always knew she wanted to own her own business. When she was 12 years old, she had her first gig as a babysitter and three years later she started working her first official job. As someone who always had a passion for finding new ways to make money, Devan’s entrepreneurial mindset is […]

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Peach Bum Provides Feminine & Body Positive Workout Environment

When Grace Stone moved to London to complete her bachelor’s degree, she fell in love with the boutique fitness trend that was prevalent in the city. A native of Dallas, Texas, Grace hadn’t experienced a city as rich in fitness studios as London was, and when she moved back to Texas she wanted to nurture […]

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TamTak Jewelry Sells Jewelry “As Unique As You”

Tam Nguyen has always believed in promoting positive energy. While growing up in Vietnam, she became committed to learning about the Four Immeasurable of Buddhism [kindness, compassion, appreciating joy and equanimity] and what these four traits entail.  Tam knew she wanted to take what she has learned and spread it to the communities around her […]

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The Womanish Experience Aims to Educate & Inspire

When Danyelle and Dionna Gray began working on a social media networking app for women, they recognized an energy at their events that was unlike anything either of them had experienced before. Wanting to tap into this positive energy, the sisters dove into the world of experiential exhibits and launched the Womanish Experience in Chicago […]

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BGSU Student Crochets Headbands to Support USPS

When social distancing was at its strictest back in April, Bowling Green State University student Tay Sauer took up knitting as a way to fill her time. Starting with smaller items like dishcloths and baby booties, she quickly moved up to baby blankets and bandanas. Now, Tay is crocheting and selling headbands in an attempt […]

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Columbus-Based Artist Caters to Customers’ Needs

With some old paints and pent up creativity, Jessica Willis moved on from high school art classes to the simple curiosity of how far her work could take her in the future. Since moving on to college and even graduating, Jessica has always had an unbreakable passion for painting, but it wasn’t until recently that […]

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Pacific Coast Design Offers Fashionable Way to #MaskUp

When Jacinta Harshe, a senior at the University of Washington, was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was left with a lot of free time. After realizing that face masks were quickly becoming part of society’s “new normal,” and her aversion to the basic blue surgical masks, she decided to fill that free […]

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DNTY Jewelry Encourages Growth Amidst Hardship

When Meg Oyler lost her marketing job due to COVID-19, she was looking for any opportunity to stay on top of her finances. With a degree in marketing and a minor in photography, Meg was hoping to use this downtime at home to further explore her creative side.  On a whim, she drove an hour […]

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Columbus-based Jolie Occasions is More Than a Boutique

Like many ambitious women, Stephanie Tersigni always had a very vivid dream of where she wanted to end up in life: owning a small fashion boutique. But, for Stephanie this was a long-term goal. She didn’t expect to open her own business just four years after graduating from college and she definitely could not have […]

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Grouphug Solar Brings Creativity and Design to Solar Energy

When Krystal Persaud graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in industrial design, she struggled to find a job in her field. What would typically be seen as a roadblock for most people, halting their careers, was simply just one obstacle that Persaud knew she had to overcome. So, she took a […]

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Reclaim & Rethread Promotes Individuality Through Sustainable Clothing

As the conversation around climate change and the push for sustainability grows, the fashion industry has made an effort to do its part to contribute by promoting sustainable fashion. But, the effort isn’t limited to high-end designers and companies; many smaller designers and businesses are also working to promote the consumption of recycled and repurposed […]

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